Saturday, November 24, 2012

Well I DId It

October 21, 2012

I ran a 5K, now this isn't my first but to me its like the first real one. I ran a 5k mud Run with my youngest daughter, oh and with my son*n*law and their friends and also my 6 yr old grandson. And my first 5K I walked with a friend this last summer. But the one I ran in Oct, really seemed real to me I guess because I ram more of it than I walked. Ive been trying to train more so I can get the running down and be more comfortable with running. Ive always said all my life "I'm not a runner" but you know what, I think I am now. it's a good feeling to try and live a healthier life style. Healthier & fun I might add. I guess it started in 07 the very first time a good friend of mine started going to Weight Watchers and Ive been going ever since. Now I have to admit I'm not as religions about it as I was at first but its in me for sure with the tracking and so on. Anyway back to running. I like it. It feels good to know that even though I'm 50, Uh*um almost 51 yrs old, that I can still do things that are totally out of my normal.
 And speaking of out of my normal. I am now training to run my first half!! That's right 13.1 mile. Not sure how that will go but all I can do is try right? My girls, who by the way are my idols & inspiration took it upon themselves to sign my up to run "The Princess" at Disney in Florida in February 2013. They gave it to me for my Birthday/Christmas present so how can I say no right? Lol anyway that's what I'm doing to live healthier, what about you?

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