Monday, August 22, 2011

School Days

                                                                    Shane's Babies

 Well its been so long since Ive been on here, I forgot that I had started this one and didnt finish it. So it will probably short & sweet. All 3 of Shanes kids are in school now. WOW! Minding blowing. They are not babies anymore. Growing up so fast. When I picked up Chloe' Friday she asked " are we going to get the kids at daycare?" I told her no silly off the bus. And she said oh I forgot they arent little kids anymore they are in school to. 
 They are all doing good. basically. Chloe is having a little trouble in Math & forgetting to turn in her work. Ashtyn does act up in school but not to bad. And Addi, well she is Addi just going along rolling with the flow. Now don't get me wrong she's hardheaded to.
 I am very proud of all 3 of them. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

"The Babies"

Well it's time. The "babies" as we have always called them are going to "BIG" school in a little over a week! I can't believe it! Can't call them babies anymore. Well actually they made me stop quite a while ago, cause they said they weren't babies! Chloe' is going into the 4th gr. Ashtyn kindergarten & Addi in Pre-K. Where does time go?
Nate, Cassey ,Noah & Dezi are moving into their new home right now as I type this. They got the key this afternoon. They are now home owners. Meguell & Britt will be boarding a plane in Africa in just a few hours to come back home to the USA, & Texas. They have been on a mission trip for 2 wks. Three weeks for Meguell. Then the minute they get back they are moving into their new home & new life as host parents to foreign students. 3 boys. Man life changes, doesn't it?
Greg & I have started the add-on to our house. It will take some time but we can do it & it will be so worth it in the end.
Everyone is busy going here and there. Things are changing for us. But one thing remains the same "Shane", you aren't here. So much as changed since we lost you. So many things in our family have changed and will never be the same again. But life goes on...
We miss you Shane so much! You would be so proud of your kids. They each are beautiful. They have really good personalities. I look at them sometimes & my heart kinda swells & aches at the same time because I know you would be so proud of them and also because its sad that you aren't here with them. Thats a question I guess that will never be answered, why you?
You also would be so proud of your sisters. I know you always were proud of them & you would be even more so now because of what they are doing with their lives and how things are going for both of them They to still miss their big brother, so much.
And I know you would be so happy to know that Greg & I are involved in all 3 of your childrens lives.
I miss you more than words can say, Greg is always quick to remind that you are around and you know whats going on. The girls miss you also more than words can say. And you children miss you. It amazes me sometimes what they say. We will always try to keep your memory alive for them We keep your pictures up for them and they do look at those pictures and sometimes talk to you.
Life goes on though its sad that you aren't here. We haven't forgotten you thats for sure. And though life does go on we will always remember you & think of you.
And always Love you.