Sunday, March 18, 2012



 Well I have just returned after an amazing week in California. I so throughly enjoyed the week with Nate, Cassey & Noah. I got home yesterday after all this fun I had and my wonderful husband had cleaned the house, washed sheets & cooked dinner for me. 
 This morning we got up had breakfast then got on our motorcycle and went for a nice & relaxing ride. As a passenger on a bike all you can do is think and look at Gods beauty around you which I did.  When I realized what all I was thinking about I thought well this will make a good blog because I haven't written one in a while. So here I go, hopefully its as good on here as it was in my head.
 Dec 3, 2009 this day changed me & my family forever. This is the day Shane died. This is the day that marked my world forever. I will never be the same person I was before this day. Losing him totally changed us and the way we live. Its something I know I will never get over. But you have to pull yourself out of the murky waters of grief and keep going on.... Since this time we have had some things go on in our family that also has changed the way my family carries on. But you know life is all about change, sometimes good, sometimes not so much. But we all have to find a new normal in our life. Friends come and friends go, family comes and family goes. There is nothing we can say or do to change that. We just have to carry on.
  My girls, what can I say other that I stand in awe of them both. They are both amazing woman with good husbands and I truly admire them both so much for the lives they live. They both love the Lord and serve Him, though in different ways. Cass through her work and love of her child, and the other children that she keeps in her home. Teaching them. Britt through her Mission work and her work with young people at her job at the college.
 Then I was thinking of the life that Greg & I have. its a good life, though its somewhat different than it was before we lost Shane. We've made a lot of adjustments in our life. It hasn't always been easy but we are making our way through. I was thinking how I wanted a room addition on our house. As I have before I wonder if we will ever get to? This I do not know, but then I was also thinking how we are never satisfied with what we have. I want more room, then I have a friend who would like less room. So we are always wanting what we don't have, right? So I told the Lord, you know whatever I get or don't get thats ok. Whatever is meant to be will happen. I know I have to be happy with my life as it is today. Then I realized, I am Happy. I may not always be happy with a current situation or with something that may go on. But I am happy. If others don't like the choices I've made or some decisions I've made, so be it.I have to do what is best for me and my family . We can't always make others happy. But I'm happy. I may never get any more room, but I'm Happy. We live a good modest life, and yes there are always things we want and may not get but we are happy. Im healthy, have a great husband, wonderful kids. Amazing Grandkids I adore. I have really good and close friends that I know will be there for me with only a phone call. And some family we are close to. So, can I ask for more than that. Yes I can but I shouldn't .
 So all I can say is I'm Happy.....