Wednesday, June 13, 2012

                                                  Another June......

    Well its here, June. Another of the dreaded months. I'm looking forward to this weekend because Im taking Shane's kiddos to Abilene to see Aunt Britt & Uncle Gell as they call him. But the bad thing is this weekend is Father's Day another one he is missing out on. I will have to take them to the cemetery for them to be able to say "Happy Fathers Day Daddy" UGH! Even after 2 1/2yrs I still hate this. I know its not going to change but oh I so wish. Then on the 30th my one & only Son would have been and should have been 32. I suppose I will take them again up there so they can release balloons for their Daddy. June used to be a happy month, I had my first born in the month of June. But now I can only think of the should haves. And the not fairs!
   The one good thing in June is on the 2nd. Greg & I had our 5th wedding anniversary though we've been together 12 yrs total. Mostly good years though the last 2 1/2 have been life changing.
   So once again I will pull myself up, put on the smile, (where the hell is that thing?) And just keep on going. Loving the ones I do have here. Reminding myself to be thankful. Bla Bla Bla.
No its ok, its just a mood. Its dark and everything is worse on the dark.
   Heres to a better tomorrow.......