Thursday, July 26, 2012


 Is 50 to old to start running? Haha this is a funny question coming from ME! Ive always said "I'm not a runner". Ive always been heavy chested so therefore, no running. But my way of thinking is changing. My whole way of living has changed in the last yr & half .
 Let me start by saying this. I have always, always admired people who had enough drive & self discipline to be physically fit. To make them selves get up early and go to the gym. To make them self workout even though they are tired and want to stay in bed. My husband gets up very early for work. 4:00 am. I would get up get ready, do a load of laundry then get on FaceBook catch up with people and play Farmville, haha. Anyway when I found out they were opening a Anytime Fitness in our town I kept thinking, I could go to the gym instead of playing on the computer. So when they opened in early 2010, I joined have have been going since March 2010. I have seen changes in my body which Im happy with though I still have more work to go, but I enjoy it. Ive been a Weight Watcher member since 2007. I lost 30lbs then and though I have played (not purposely) with a few pounds here & there, I have managed to keep most of it off. But as I got older and neared the 50 mark I noticed the flabby skin, the second wave under my arm those things that most of us don't like. Well my Weight Watchers leader Amanda put on a 5K, this being the 3rd yr. I wasn't interested at all the first year. Last year I was a little interested but didn't pursue it. When they were talking about it I was very interested. So I ask my dear friend Brenda if she would walk with me and she did. I did not run, but walked & I truly enjoyed it. I think I enjoyed doing something different, I enjoyed being around people. It was fun. Now anyone who knows me know my girls, Cassey  & Brittany are healthy minded. Cassey is the runner in the family and now Brittany is training and doing very well. So maybe that is why Im interested also. Cassey gave me a website, so I've been reading it. I really wish I had someone near me to train with someone who would help me & yes push me when I feel like I can't do it. I truly with my husband would get active with me, but thats his choice. And he doesn't have the desire. So I'm going to try to follow their how to plan and start training. Just a little. I do have disc bulges in my back so it will have to be slow so that I will know if for sure if I can do this. But then the doubts keep coming in. Your 50, you can not do this, you are to old.
 So back to the question is 50 to old to start running?

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