Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry Snowy Christmas

 Well Christmas 2012 is now behind. All the hustle and bustle. Such hectic times for a few weeks. Though it shouldn't be hectic and frustrating it is. We are supposed to be calm and Thankful for the birth of Jesus, he who came to save us. To give us everlasting life. And as we all say, Christmas has gotten to "commercialized". I for one, as many others in the retail industry see people at their absolute worst on "Black Friday" or as some us say "Blue Thursday", people become angry, impatient threatening even just for "Stuff", "Things". And will any of it matter the day Christmas, most of it no. What really matters is the sparkling eyes of the little ones. This is what Christmas is all about the kids. I wanted a really nice picture of our Grandkids, but kids being kids....Not gonna happen. We had all of our Gkids this year for Christmas and I wanted a picture of them all. I envisioned a really nice group picture of all of them but come on, in reality, this is the true family shot. haha! Cudo's to the professional photographers who take pictures of children.
 So all of the gkids had a really great Christmas, and thats what its all about. Its for the kids. Of course first they must be taught the true meaning of Christmas. Even the "Bigs Kids" enjoyed it. They love their stockings. A few years ago when our oldest daughter & her husband who are in the Air Force, were stationed in Japan. And all my kids were grown I told them I was going to stop doing stockings they were like "NO" Mom we look forward to them. So needless to say I still do them. And its good because this year we had a couple of people that came with family to share Christmas with us, so I just stuffed stocking for them. I believe we had 11 in all this year.
 And then if the Lord had not blessed us enough with having the girls and all the gkids home for Christmas this year he gave us a WHITE CHRISTMAS!! I'm 51 yrs old and I have never had a white Christmas. It was so exciting!
 So how was your Christmas? Here at the Wexler household we were truly blessed.  We couldn't ask for more. Well one thing we could but its not anything we could get, our Angel in Heaven, Shane. I know somewhere he saw us and saw that his children are happy, healthy & taken care of.
We are blessed.....