Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tis The Season

Well its here again, the Holiday Season. The time when people are to be jolly. I dont know about that. Anyone who knows me well know that I dont enjoy the holidays to much because working in retail its all around us so it takes some of the pleasure away. Ive always enjoyed the family part and the kids. Kids truly make the season Merry. But the dreaded date that the girls and I absolutlely hate is coming up the day our lives changed forever. Dec 3, 2009. Some things you never get totally over. Losing Shane is that time. Things will never be the same, nor will we. I was talking to another Mother in the store yesterday, she lost her son about 2wks after Shane in a car wreck. He was her baby boy though he was just over 30. And we were talking about how we have to be thankful for what we do have. And I am truly. Im thankful for my Lord first & foremost. My wonderful husband who has stood by me & loved me from hell & back. My girls who are just amazing to me . I am in awe of them and all they do. Neither one of them are afraid to try anything new. Our grandkids. All 4 of them. They make me smile so much. Each of them are amazing in their on little way. Already little people. Shanes 3 each have some of their Daddy in them. I look at their eyes and see HIM. It makes me happy & sometimes sad. Especially Ashtyn, just his expressions, he looks just like him except for the blond hair.
And there is NOAH!! What a little ball of fire he is. Everything to him is a new adventure. I swear he hasnt been a baby since he was like 2 wks old. I enjoy everything about him.
So anyway, I am very THANKful for what I do have and for who is in my life. My family & my extended family. There are people in my life that even though they dont have the same blood they are my family. And Im thankful for them.
So back to the dreaded date. I have wished it would just pass & it will. I dont know if it will be quiet or with people. We have a invite to go to a big bonfire on that night. I was looking forward to it thought it would be alot of fun until I saw the date. I told Greg maybe it would be best to go be around people not tell them what the date is & try to have fun. It would be better I guess than sitting at home watching the clock for that dreaded time. Which is what I would do. We will see.
Anyway I better get off Addi just got up & shes talking to me & I cant think now, haha! Love these kids.....